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For those with more Christian tastes, the so-called experts at Wikipedia have an article about Hunger.

Hunger also known as "UHHHN!!" and "boredom" is a sense of feeling that you get when hungry and most commonly when no food is readily available as to fuck with you. This means that your general lack of food has become a feeling, causing you to be sick, delirious or watch Oprah, when not fed. Hunger is thought to have first been popularized by George Foreman, though God might also be responsible.

Hunger is the feeling when the lack of food has taken over. Your stomach and intestines perceive that there are no calories in them, that they're full of water, air, and freshly processed poop from the food that you ate the last time you were hungry. You only came to this page because you are hungry. Please enjoy the picture of these chicken wings. They were REALLY tasty by the way. This is obviously not a delightful experience, and may cause slight pain in the stomach. This feeling is to note the brain that it needs food. Unless this need is filled, a person may die. Starvation is an incredibly horrible way to die, worse than being strangled by your telephone cord while talking for three hours about mitosis with your child's biology teacher.

Hunger, while withstanding food imagery may cause a slightly erotic feeling, causing the person to drool and "trance" at the image. If you are currently hungry, there is an image on the right that should cure your hunger.

HAHA! Fooled you. You were probably drooling all over your keyboard before you realized that I was tricking you, and you were SO STUPID you probably wasted like 17 seconds staring at the image. I still haven't found a cure for hunger, and I'M NOT LOOKING FOR IT! Ya noob.