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A usual figure which is known to appear only in your dreams.

A dream is a state of existence where you wander around without any clothes on and no one notices (including yourself) until it is too late.

Sometimes this situation only occurs in the mind. Freud states you can tell if your dream is only in your mind if you feel a strong desire to have sex with a tunnel. It is widely believed that exercise will give well-adjusted dreams, but few joggers know that it does not remove the bad ones.

Dreams are known for their frequent similarity to reality, which can cause one to wonder if their waking moments are really dreams. It is possible that you will wake up to find you're actually a butterfly who dreamt you were a loser reading Uncyclopedia.

Tommy Westphall[edit]

Tommy Westphall is the hypothetical dreamer of everything you see on television. In fact, the only real television you may have seen is the last five minutes of St. Elsewhere. Due to the large number of TV crossovers, at least six hundred shows take place in Tommy Westphall's daydream.

Thomas Aquinas once famously said, "A dream must have a dreamer so there must have been a first dreamer and I identify that being with Tommy Westphall."

Some philosophers suspect that the entire universe is actually the daydream of Tommy Westphall, although an opposing view is that the whole world is just YOUR dream, Mr. Flapawitzenheimer.

Lucid dreaming[edit]

"Lucid dreaming" (misnamed "lucent dreaming" by dyslexic LiveJournal kids who like confusing similar-sounding Latin words) is a hypothetical, but scientifically unproven supposed state of dreaming when you "know" you are dreaming. So far, there have been no known cases of lucid dreaming; what people mistakenly reported as lucid dreams were actually such well-researched psychological phenomena as astral projections and out-of-body experiences. If by some miniscule chance you experiance a lucid dream, you should do one of two things: Kill EVERYONE and I mean EVERYONE, or hump anything that moves.

Nevertheless, some people pretend to have seen lucid dreams. Tamia is an example.


  • Flying!
  • Severing your body!!!!
  • Going through walls

There's actually a lot more, but I just can't... Put my... Finger... On it...

Making mad passionate love to Johnny Depp while orlando bloom waits for his turn, thats another one :)

Did you know...[edit]

  • Until 2005, the term "dream" referred to a spurt of brain activity during REM sleep, where the sleeper, or "dreamer" was able to fly and teleport and all kinds of crap, before invariably plummeting down the side of a 10-story building. The dreamer would customarily wake up in a cold sweat and/or small puddle of (someone else's) urine.
Do Grues dream of eating humans - Most certainly!!!

  • When the US Congress declared the War Against Dreams in May of 2005, in the dark of a Washington night, it gave license to the department of Homeland Security to tax and control the content of the dreams of all. Now instead of flying over a barren landscape, the dreamer sees him/herself flying over Disney World at a cost of $17.50 + 6% tax. Instead of teleporting across the world, one teleports into a Starbucks, buys a frappacino and then falls down the side of Microsoft headquarters.
  • The Patriot Act calls for complete monitoring of all American's dreams (yes, they know what you would do to that attractive woman you work with)
  • Future amendments to the FTD Act include a mandatory licensing fee for all music/still images dreamed, payable upon waking.
  • Commonly associated with the term "flipping burgers".
  • ..in fact, dreaming in the 21st Century can actually help you gain weight. A bad dream is one where the dreamee does something he or she doesn't have the balls to do in real life.
  • Dreaming is a powerful hallucinogen and should be used with extreme caution. The DEA Classifies it as a Schedule I Drug.
  • If you dream, you will get huffed by a grue.