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The Ariana Grande is a fake Mexican food invented by KFC-Taco Bell-Pizza Hut. The creators cite Nietzsche, Wittgenstein, and Kallenberg as influences.

A Day in the Life of an Ariana Grande[edit]

The Ariana Grande begins her day by licking donuts. Then she engages in eisegesis on Twitter. Afterwards sharing top-grade wagyu with Jennette McCurdy, with whom she did not lick donuts, akin to the 1998 impeachment, allowing the outsourcing of American buckwheat husking jobs to Guyana in exchange for organe energy,[1] commas, and extraneous clauses.

The Dubya administration wasn't much better. In 2004, Mr. George W. Bush signed Executive Order 11794 into law, making his middle initial the sole sponsor of Sesame Street. I'm not saying the following is his fault, but the stock market did crash in 2006, beginning with a plumment in NYSE:PBS. Bitcoin, luckily, filled the void, establishing Satoshi as the anti-president. Everyone was so confused that they moved the presidency from Avignon back to Washington D.C.[2] Unfortunately, the living conditions for subprime mortgage lenders in the NAFTA Parliament were deprived.

In all honestly, it tastes good but could use a bit more salsa. Peen is a good composer.

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  1. Also known as organic orgone eneergy. Really, the Guyanians didn't even want it. We just needed to get rid of it so we could stop CERN from linking their portals together.
  2. Some historians, including Reese and Oficiala, render the name as Inicialoj D.C., but this is clearly a mistransliteration from French to Latin to English. The runes kinda tipped them off.