Angry Uteri

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Angry Uteri - Risk Factors and background[edit]

Easily confused with the regular Uterus, or Uteri (plural), this Uterus exhibits extremely violent behaviour and a thirst for human blood, especially the monthly drippings of itself. Angry Uteri are the brains of the vagina itself, the primary defense mechanism of which is extremely sharp teeth that protrude during intercourse to severe the male penis and use it for nourishment. Angry Vaginas (upon insertion of the penis) numb the area with a drug inducing a euphoric feeling in the male so they do not notice as the penis is eaten, and the wound used as a hose through which to suck blood from the body. Avoid a suspected carrier of an Angry Uterus - and therefor angry vagina - at all costs, lest you lose your manhood.